Why Is My Cat Always Hungry [Explained]

Why is my cat always hungry? There are several reasons your cat may have an insatiable appetite, including medical and behavioral conditions, or you may need to provide the best cat food to meet your feline’s nutritional requirements. Your cat requires proper and balanced nutrition to live a long and excellent life, but if you’ve ever wondered, “Why is my cat always hungry?” it’s time to investigate your cat’s eating habits.

Why Is My Cat Always Hungry

Cats are typically grazers who snack throughout the day, so if your cat finishes its meal and requests more food, it may be a sign of a problem, such as boredom, illness, or simply a need for more calories. The caloric content of various commercially available foods varies, and you can typically find a guide on the food container.

Because each cat has a unique metabolism, consult your veterinarian for help determining your cat’s ideal weight. Your veterinarian can advise you on adjusting your cat’s diet to help them reach and maintain their perfect weight. Your veterinarian may even suggest switching your cat to various alternative foods to help them feel full between meals.

They Are Greedy


It’s true; some cats are a bit greedy! In addition, if they regularly overeat, their stomach will expand, requiring more food to feel full. So it’s easy to understand why some obese animals appear perpetually hungry despite eating a lot!


This occurs when there is an excess of thyroid hormones in the bloodstream. Despite an increased appetite, weight loss is a classic symptom of this hormonal disease. Other symptoms may include muscle wasting, vomiting, increased thirst and urination, and behavioral alterations, such as agitation, hyperactivity, and vocalization.

Internal Parasites

These parasites can steal the food your cat consumes, causing it to appear perpetually hungry despite not receiving the necessary nutrients to thrive. Even if you do not observe worms in your cat’s feces, they may still have parasites in their digestive tract. A messy coat and loose stools are additional indicators.

Diabetes Diabetes is another medical condition that can cause your cat to lose weight and become excessively hungry. Cats with diabetes are less efficient at using glucose as an energy source, so they tend to consume more food. If your cat has diabetes, you may also observe excessive drinking and urination.


Like in humans, numerous types of cancer can affect our animal companions. Certain cancers may cause diarrhea, vomiting, or a decrease in nutrient absorption in the gut. These types of cancer can result in weight loss and anorexia. On the other hand, numerous cancerous tumors are capable of rapid growth. This uses up precious energy and causes your cat to consume more food.

They’re Taking Medications


Some medications have the side effect of causing hunger. Steroids are the primary offender, but certain other drugs can also cause increased appetite. If the onset of your cat’s new appetite coincides with the start of a new medication, this may clarify why your cat is always hungry. You can contact their veterinarian to confirm whether hunger is a side effect of the drug and how to treat it.

They Require A Different Diet

Foods are not created equal! If your cat appears to be particularly hungry, you should examine the nutritional information on their food package. You must ensure that it contains ample energy, protein, and carbohydrates. A trial of a new diet with a higher protein content may result in a more contented cat.

They Are Not Truly Hungry

Even though your cat appears to be demanding food, this does not necessarily indicate that they are hungry. Cats may eat out of boredom or rub against you and meow because they want your attention instead of a second helping of biscuits.

How To Determine Whether A Cat Is Hungry Or Greedy


If your cat is overeating, you must determine whether they are hungry or greedy. After all, the last thing you want to do if your cat needs extra calories due to illness is put on a diet. How can you determine whether your cat is greedy or truly hungry? Initially, if they exhibit additional symptoms or if you suspect they may be ill, it is best to take them to a pet doctor for an examination. Secondly, ensure that their food contains the proper nutrients.

It would be worthwhile to administer a veterinary-approved wormer to see if that helps if their parasite treatments are not up to date. You can use distraction techniques such as puzzle feeders, additional playtime, and ample attention to determine if your cat will stop requesting food. However, if nothing seems to work, consult your veterinarian.

How Frequently Should I Feed My Cat

Every cat is unique. Some individuals prefer to snack throughout the day, while others prefer to eat at set mealtimes. The feeding schedule you select will depend on your lifestyle, your cat’s weight, and its capacity for self-regulation.

For instance, it’s probably not a good idea to leave food out all day if your cat is overweight and likely to devour the entire bowl in a single sitting before returning for more. Unless your cat is a grazer, providing two or three meals per day is reasonable. However, ensure that you use the instructions on the cat food to determine how much to feed them.

Why Is My Cat Constantly Hungry & Underweight


If your cat eats constantly but remains underweight, something may be wrong. This could be as simple as parasites or worms. However, they may also have hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or another condition. A veterinarian should examine them, administer the necessary tests, and administer treatment to help them achieve a healthier weight.


Why is my cat always hungry? Determining why your cat is always hungry can be challenging to determine if they are greedy or something is wrong. Several common medical conditions can also cause extreme hunger in cats. If you are unsure, your local veterinary clinic should be able to help you determine why your cat is constantly hungry and recommend a healthy weight for your cat.

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