How To Stop A Kitten From Biting [Full Guide 2022]

Kittens and cats often bite to express their inner animalistic instincts, they are not worried about the consequences and damage they will do. In order to stop this behavior, it is important that people understand that the cats/kittens themselves don’t care.

Some people cannot stop their kittens from biting. They are too energetic and aggressive and they might hurt themselves or others. This is obviously not a good idea, especially when other people are around.

5 ways on how to stop a kitten from biting


1. Let Them Behave Well

If the kitten is well-behaved, you can use a scratching post as an alternative to growling and biting. If your cat hates this activity, you can always take away their food or give them inappropriate toys to play with after they have finished scratching on the post.

2. Redirect To A Scratching Post

A kitten may start scratching posts because of bad habits and the pain can be great. Some cats scratch only when they are bored or tired, but most cats are actually uncomfortable if their paws are scratched too often or if other animals such as dogs, horses, rabbits, and even humans come to play with them. When your cat scratches the post on purpose, it can result in nail punctures or bleeding from the scratches. This is a serious injury and needs medical help immediately to do a proper treatment for your cat. Kittens are bound to bite, sometimes even dangerously. They will scratch and chew at things they don’t like. These behaviors can be prevented, by putting a scratching post up and redirecting them when necessary.


If you already have kittens, then you may know that they can sometimes scratch rather than just play with the post or other objects. The ears will be round, either due to the scratching or from their hearing something unpleasant (such as barking). The eyes may also be bright red while they are in this condition. So be careful when the kitten or cat is in perplexing condition.

3. Use Your Voice

Just like people do not mind hurting others if it keeps them busy when bored or frustrated, we also need people to respect other animals as well. So let’s make sure that our kittens understand that biting isn’t going to solve anything and we shouldn’t play with them either. Such intentions could cause unnecessary problems for both humans and cats/kittens in general.

It’s those responsible for this behavior that should be penalized and not the people who are playing with a kitten. You should focus on it as a major strategy about how to stop a kitten from biting. It’s true that “kitten napping” (while sleeping) is fine, though sometimes I have realized that after I’ve picked my kittens up from sleep mode they are trying to engage me in conversation and asking where I’m going with them instead of being quiet. There is nothing wrong with playing or interacting in this way but make sure that the kitten is not trying to bite you meanwhile.

4. Give Attention But Not That Much


Kittens have an inquisitive nature so it’s important that we treat them as such by giving them some attention when they need it, but not too much! When they are done playing with their toys they take their playtime seriously so give your cat just as much attention when they want something else done as well. However, now’s the time when everyone needs to pay more attention because cats have a habit of stealing toys from everyone in your household. One rule of thumb for giving attention to your cat really is that it’s never too much or too little. But, you’ll want to know where it all comes from. Stick around!

5. Be careful

Keep in mind that cats naturally like to touch and make contact with things around them so give them their favorite toys when they need a little bit of scratching time or rough playtime but do not expect them to take long walks while chewing on the same toy. Just like with your puppy, start by giving your cat a chance to explore what he or she wants and then go into play mode. Give them some attention when they want it, but not too much! When they are done playing with their toys instead of rushing them like you would a dog, give them some unsolicited attention in order to learn that they can just hang out for a while without having to be asked.

More Tips On How To Stop A Kitten From Biting!


Here we have also gathered some tips that will help you in understanding how to stop a kitten from biting and scratching. Moreover, you can also use these tips to improve the overall behavior of your kits.

  • When you observe that your kitten is in a fully active mood, give them toys. Otherwise, they will find an alternative and start scratching things.
  • Make them familiar with your voice. Call them if you observe that they are doing something inappropriate.
  • Immediately start playing with your kitten if you find it fearful, stressed, or frustrated. Otherwise, they will try to release their anger by biting others.


Now you know how to stop a kitten from biting, it is time to implement useful strategies when necessary. Remember that looking after pets is far more difficult than purchasing them and keeping them. We can’t stop a kitten from biting, it’s not really possible, but we can redirect their behavior by giving them a scratching post or some other type of toy.

So it was all about how to stop a kitten from biting. If you have any questions, ask them in the comment section below.

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