How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car

How to get dog hair out of car? There is a reason why dogs are considered man’s best friend. Their caring and affectionate nature make them the ideal companion. We welcome them into our hearts and lives. However, this is not the only role we allow them to play in our lives. Our animal companions spend their days lounging on blankets, cuddling on our beds, and even riding in our vehicles.

Regardless of whether you routinely clean your car or not, and irrespective of the type and model of your vehicle, pet hair appears to remain embedded in the car seats, floor, and virtually every other crevice. Even though we know our dog was in the vehicle, we cannot help but wonder how his hair got into every crevice of your interior.

This is a widespread problem among dog owners. So how to get dog hair out of car? How do you prevent this from occurring?

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car

Without a doubt, we adore our canine companions. Put, prohibiting them from our automobiles is not an option. So how can you remove pet hair from the interior of your car?

Brush Your Canine Before Driving


One of the most effective ways to remove dog hair from a vehicle is to prevent it from entering in the first place. By brushing your dog’s coat before they enter your car, you will remove the stray hairs from their topcoat that generally end up on your carpets and upholstery. Use the right brush for your dog’s coat type to catch as much hair as possible during brushing.

Utilize The Appropriate Vacuum And Accessories

A vacuum cleaner is sometimes the most effective method. To make things easy, you must use the appropriate one. If your vacuum’s primary hose or brush is not cleaning up all dog hair, try utilizing a pet hair attachment or a rubber-bristled brush attachment. Rubber bristles function by generating static electricity, which attracts pet hair and aids in its removal from upholstery. If it’s simply a matter of power, you can use the heavy-duty vacuum available at petrol stations and self-service vehicle washes.

Try A Rubber Kitchen Glove


Rubber gloves are a tried-and-true way of removing dog hair from an automobile. Slip on a rubber glove, saturate your fingertips with water, and vigorously rub the vehicle’s interior surfaces in one direction. This will cause the hair to form massive clumps that may be easily vacuumed or brushed away by hand. You may lightly spritz the upholstery with water and then sweep it with your gloved hand. Applying a fine water mist should collect dog hair on your fingertips. If you do not have rubber gloves, you can use a damp sponge or washcloth instead.

Utilize A Blown-Up Balloon

Similar to the rubber bristles on a vacuum brush attachment, balloons possess a static characteristic that attracts hair, making this an unusual but surprisingly effective way of cleaning dog hair from a car. Rub the balloon over the desired sections of the automobile’s interior, and the hair will rise from the upholstery and adhere to the balloon.

Break Out The Velcro Curlers

This may be an old-fashioned strategy, but it’s still successful. Self-adhesive hair curlers are great for removing dog hair. Grab the curlers and use them as a lint brush to remove the dog hair from the vehicle’s interior. Once a full roller’s worth of hair has been collected, please remove it from the roller and continue brushing.

Fabric Softener

This may sound a little strange but bear with us. Fabric softener ironically contains elements that loosen hair from fabric, making this procedure one of the most effective ways to remove tenacious hairs from carpets and upholstery. Combine a few tablespoons of fabric softener with a small amount of water in a spray bottle, and then lightly mist your upholstery. Clean the upholstery with a paper towel and allow it to dry before vacuuming any excess hair.

Tape For Packaging Or Duct Tape

In this situation, nearly any wide-width tape will suffice. However, duct tape is typically the most durable. Wrap the tape around your hand, covering the entirety of your fingers and palm. Then, press the sticky side on the fabric and carpet to remove dog hair.

Pumice Stone

The pumice stone is utilized for more than just hand washing at the auto shop. This procedure is most effective when used with a fabric softener solution, which helps loosen the hair and remove any static bonds in the carpet flooring of your interior. The fabric softener also aids in reducing the pumice stone’s abrasive properties.

To employ this technique, wipe the surface in a single direction; a back-and-forth motion can bury the hair farther. During the internal cleaning procedure, spritz the pumice stone with the softener solution or dip it into a rinse bucket to quickly remove the hair and dirt off the stone.

How To Remove Dog Hair From Vehicle Vents


Dog hair in your car’s vents is undoubtedly one of the worst annoyances. However, expensive equipment is not required to keep your car’s air vents clean and free of pet hair. You may clean the air vents in your vehicle with everyday household items or inexpensive craft or dollar shop supplies. For example, you can use a soft foam paint brush to carefully remove dust, dirt, and even pet hair from the air vents in your car. In addition to a hair-free system, clean vents enhance the air quality within your vehicle.

Vent cleaning is quite simple and quick, requiring a single step. Your vehicle’s air vents have narrow slots, making them tough to clean with a simple rag or hand towel. To efficiently collect dust, debris, and pet hair, however, you need a vacuum with a little extra reach.

This is where the foam paintbrush is introduced. These paintbrushes typically come in various sizes. You can select one with greater reach or a specific form to ensure that your vehicle’s air vents are as thoroughly cleaned as possible. Foam paint brushes glide effortlessly into the car’s air vents, capturing unwanted material, even pet hair. Don’t forget to dampen the paintbrush before using it for optimal results.

How To Prevent Dog Hair In Your Car

It is hard to prevent dog hair from entering your vehicle. However, there are a few techniques to reduce the amount of hair shed by our furry companions:

  • Grooming your pet before entering your vehicle is the most effective way to prevent dog hair in your automobile.
  • If you don’t have time to brush your dog before leaving the house, try purchasing a pet seat cover for your vehicle’s interior. These covers prevent fur from adhering to your vehicle’s seats. Additionally, they prevent mud and debris from ruining your upholstery. It is easy to clean and store pet seat coverings when they are not in use.
  • A comfy pet harness or crate will keep your pets safe while travelling, reducing the amount of dog hair in your vehicle.


How to get dog hair out of car? Getting dog hair out of a car can be a pain, but with the right tools and techniques, it’s not as difficult as you might think. This article will show you how to remove dog hair from a car using traditional methods and modern technologies. We hope that our guide will help make your job easier and less time-consuming.

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