Our Top 80+ Incredible Cat Names [List 2022]

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Bringing a newly adopted cat or kitten home can be a thrilling experience. It can also be overwhelming to ensure you’ve thought of everything, get the necessary equipment, arrange for vets and insurance, begin litter training, and locate prospective cat sitters.

With so many factors to consider, it might not be easy to develop a unique name for your new child. It would help if you chose a name that is accepted by all family members and does not demand lengthy explanations when referring to your cat in public.

There is nothing wrong with famous male cat names such as Sooty, Tiger, and Oscar, but it can be advantageous to choose from more distinctive male cat names to stand out from the crowd.

How Do You Name A Cat

Avoid Being Hasty When Choosing A Name

Remember that this name could be used for more than 15 years! It is not a catastrophe if you have not selected a name for your new cat before its arrival. It is preferable to wait in selecting a name than to allow them to become accustomed to one and then change it a few weeks later, just when they are beginning to adapt.

Don’t Complicate Things

Choose a name that is simple and simple to pronounce. If your name is too complex, your cat may become confused. You may also feel silly yelling their name when you want them to approach you.

If you choose a lengthy name because of its meaning, be prepared to utilize a shortened version in everyday situations. If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings and want to name your cat Samwise Gamgee, it would be simpler and easier to use Sam.

Consider Other Household Members’ Names

Avoid choosing a name that sounds too similar to those of other human and animal housemates. If your dog’s name is Joe and your cat’s name is Mo, it may be difficult to gain the attention of just one of them.

Don’t Get Too Funny

You may find it amusing to give your cat a name that is borderline unsuitable, but you must use this name while registering with the veterinarian. It will be called out in the waiting area, and you will also need to inform your pet sitter, coworkers, and family members of its name.

Male Cat Names


We hope that these male cat names will inspire your imagination.


Do you have a monkey-like cat that is always getting into mischief? They may be given the adorable Italian name Birba, which means scoundrel or rogue.


Bryer is the best name you could choose if you have a cat who loves everyone and is full of sweet-tempered devotion. This Canadian name means pleasant and friendly.


Bugatti could be a great name for your cat if you are an automobile lover. It would be particularly appropriate if they were speed demons with boundless energy and a constant desire to play. Bugatti automobiles consistently rank among the ten quickest automobiles in the world.


Caleb may be the ideal moniker if your cat is unwaveringly devoted. This is a Hebrew name, and its meaning includes fidelity, dedication, and even courage.


If you feel nostalgic for your childhood in the middle of the 21st century and you have a regal-looking black cat, Carbonel could be an excellent choice. This was the name of the talking cat in Barbara Sleigh’s children’s novels. If you have young children, they would undoubtedly enjoy hearing the stories that inspired their cat’s name.


A character name from The Lord of the Rings is an excellent choice for followers of classic fantasy literature. What better name than Gandalf, in homage to the novel’s primary wizard? It may not be as distinctive as some names on this list, but it would suit a white or grey cat with a knowledgeable personality.


Frequently, cats are named after Greek or Nordic deities. It is common (especially since the popularity of the Marvel films) to hear cats referred to as Loki or Thor. If you have a sluggish cat that enjoys lounging about all day, you may find Hypnos a suitable option. This was the ancient Greek deity of sleep.


This is a well-known British savory spread that has evolved into a metaphor for something that is extremely contentious. If something resembles Marmite, you either “love it or loathe it.” Marmite might be a perfectly charming and distinctive name for a cat with a personality that not everyone likes.


If your cat continually misbehaves and embarrasses you in front of guests, you might consider naming it Meelap. This term has Sanskrit roots and denotes embarrassment. This could also work for a female cat.


Nermal is Garfield’s adorable-looking adversary from the comic strip. He describes himself as the world’s prettiest kitten. What better name could you choose for a cute-looking cat with an inferiority complex?


If you have a grumpy cat or one with a dark grey coat, it may be appropriate to name it after this dark form of a raincloud.


Suppose you have read Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy. In that case, you will know that the main character Lyra has a soul companion named Pantalaimon, or Pan, who typically looks like a wildcat. This would be the ideal moniker for lovers of the book or for a cat who is the reverse of reckless.


If you have a white cat and are searching for a name less common than Snowy or Marshmallow, consider Shiro. This is the Japanese word for white.


Who could forget this adorable blue character from the Pixar film Monsters, Inc.? The young child Boo refers to him as “Kitty” for the entirety of the first film. Therefore, this name might be an excellent fit if you have a fluffy, kind huge cat.


Tigger is a common name for cats. Who doesn’t adore the beloved Winnie the Pooh character? However, it is not a unique name. If you are a fan of these books and have a timid cat, you could ironically name it after these honey-stealing villains.

Tips For Naming Your Female Cats


When selecting a name for your cat, be sure to select one that has enduring power. Cats live between 13 and 17 years, sometimes even longer. 3 Also, consider a name you feel comfortable discussing with your friends, family, and the veterinarian’s office. Observing your cat’s actions, eccentric quirks or physical qualities might also help you develop a name for it. You may also take inspiration from fur color and breed. For instance, popular names for Persian cats include Diva, Sheba, and Princess.

Most Unique Female Cat Names

  • Onyx
  • Momo
  • Artemis
  • Carina
  • Freya
  • Almond Flower
  • Grizabella
  • Modella
  • Moscato
  • Patricia Hepburn
  • Tahini
  • Ursula
  • Zuri
  • Clove
  • Pewter

Funny Cats Names

Maximize your naming opportunities by selecting a humorous name for your kitty companion. With a lively personality, entertaining antics, and mischievous nature, it’s no surprise that funny cat names are a trendy choice for naming your pet. Choose one of these top funny cat names, or use this list as inspiration to come up with your original and amusing cat name.

Top Humorous Cat Names

  • Katy Pryce
  • Kit-Kat
  • Bubbles
  • Jiggles
  • Meowise
  • Puddy Tat
  • Cheddar
  • Fishbait
  • Skimbleshanks
  • Sushi

Funny Cat Names For Big & Small Cats

Using your cat’s size, small or enormous, is a tried-and-true method for generating funny cat names.

Big cats have a reputation for being habitual snoozers, and names such as Dough Boy or Meaty can make you chuckle if you see yours snoozing again.

Conversely, giving your small cat a monstrous name like Big Boy or Boomer is amusing. And Machu Picchu, although one of South America’s greatest ancient sites, is a fitting (and humorous) name for your little cat.

  • Angus
  • Jiggles
  • Machu Picchu
  • Meaty
  • Molecule
  • Bertha
  • Dollar Boy
  • Mr. T
  • Big Boy
  • Boomer
  • Munchkin
  • Quake

Movie Cat Names For Female Cats

There are numerous movie cats with intriguing feminine names, such as Mrs. Norris from “Harry Potter” and Meowthra, the six-toed fluffy demon cat from “Ninjago.”

  • Baby
  • Binx
  • Blanche
  • Buttercup
  • Grizabella
  • Jasmine
  • Master Tigress
  • Meowthra
  • Mittens
  • Madame Norris
  • Sassy
  • Snowbell
  • Tao
  • Winkie

Movie Cat Names For Male Cats

Decades of pet cat names have been inspired by felines from Disney films such as The Aristocats, Lion King, and Jungle Book, to mention a few of the Disney movie cats on our list.

  • Church
  • Clawhauser
  • Diego
  • Garfield
  • Leonidas
  • Berlioz
  • Mr. Tibbles
  • Rajah
  • Simba
  • Tibbs
  • Butch
  • Catbus
  • Cheshire
  • Milo
  • Tigger

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